Mingokids, I just can’t resist!

For small people who love to explore the world, That’s how Mingokids describes their clothes and they can not be more true. All of the items they are making are super comfortable, easy to wear and at the same time looking still looking very stylish.

There has not been one season in the past years where we did not own at least one of their pieces. And one of the best things about having Mingo Items, they combine with almost everything.

Mingokids offers a standard basic collection all year round with the best basics and every season they add some awesome colors and prints.

So when te latest collection came in a couple of weeks ago, I just could not resist. My favourites this season are the Ocher for the girls and the Emerald and Speckles print for my boys.

For Julia I picked the ocher skirt, with the striped socks that I combined with their basic dots longsleeve, a perfect combination if you ask me ;-).

Luuk is wearing the Speckles shirt combines with their Basic Striped legging. The green color is so beautiful and looks so good on him. The striped legging has been a basic for the boys since they where 3 months old, it combines perfectly with almost every color and every print, so a real musthave in every’s kids closet if you ask me.

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