Weekly Favourites, the kids in Autumn Colors

During this season, every week, I’ll be adding my Weekly Favourites, with the best combinations of this seasons items combined in one picture with all 3 of my little ones, hope you’ll like it!


For this first one, and as Autumn has really started by now, I have picked some colours matching the season.

Julia is wearing one of the best mini rodini prints of this season if you ask me, the cheer cats. They also have it in blue of which we have the grandpa shirt for the boys. I’m loving this beige color on her, now she still has a bit of a sunkissed skin and hair! It’s just such a funn print and easy to combine with almost any colour when it comes to choosing tights or leggings for when it gets colder.


Little Luuk is wearing the items from one of my favourite Dutch brands Phil and Phae comfy chic for the mini is how they describe themselves, and how true is this. It’s the 3rd season I’m having some of their items and the colours are amazing, the fabrics so soft and they stay sooo good the entire season.

Luuk is combing their sweat pants in the colour Deep Tail with the perfect Henley Top in their Russet colour and as you can see, these combine perfectly not only with each other, but also with many of the prints that are out there this season.


And last Finn, who is wearing my other favourite mini rodini print of this season the Wild Ducks. I’ve combined it with the Mingo Kids slim fit jogger in brunette. You’ll see way more Mingo items in the coming weeks, as they just produce the best basics out there, can’t live without them anymore.

I just love how these outfits are so different, but still combine so good together, stay tuned for next weeks Weekly Favourites for some blue!


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