Sweater weather, Luuk in Hugo Loves Tiki

It took a little while, but  sweater weather is finally here! These weeks are the best of the year if you ask me, the last bits of sunshine before winter kicks in and you can still go out and play all day without having to wear your coat, I’m just loving it.

A couple of weeks ago, Hugo Loves Tiki launched their aw18 collection, and every season, i’m becoming a bigger fan of their bold prints and comfy items. For Luuk, I picked 2 sweaters from this collection.

The first one is their Blue Crocodile Sweater. It’s so soft and just so cool. He is even asking to wear it every single day… a fun fact as he actually does not really care what I’m putting him on in the morning.

Both sweaters are so easy to combine with a skinny jeans and some old school Vans, which makes it an easy to wear and still very fashionable outfit if you ask me.

The second sweater I picked from their AW18 collection is the black ducks sweater. The same fit, just a bit oversized and giving it a very casual feel.

Which one if your favourite ? And do you like my pics? Would love to see you on my Instagram page!

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