Twin Styles; Nothing Happened

I’ll be doing a weekly Twin Styles post from now on. Here I’ll be showing the outfits the twins are wearing.

Aside from their first few weeks, they never wear the same outfits… only their jackets, just to avoid a fight every time we leave the house.

I love finding outfits that are looking good together, but are completely different, and I also love having a wardrobe every season with individual pieces that can be combined in many different ways.

So, now let’s have a look at this weeks Twin Styles of my little blond babes ;-).

Let’s start with Finn, who is wearing an all Mingo Kids outfit! I have combined their velvet sweater in grey/duck green with the velvet black iris legging. The sweater is a bit oversized here, but he will surely grow into it in the coming months… and I overall actually like a bit oversized for a nonchalant look.

Luuk is wearing one of my season favourite sweaters, cause I just love the bright red colour and the ‘nothing happened’ quote just fits him, as actually there is always something happening when he is around.., this amazing sweater is from Repose AMS an Amsterdam based brand with timeless items in the most beautiful colours. The sweater is combined with the painted striped legging from Sproet & sprout . This is another Dutch brand that I fell in love with the past couple of years for their fun and authentic items in hand drawn designs, just amazing!

Liked this post?! Stay tuned for next weeks Twin Styles! What would you like to see, please tell me about it in the comments below!

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