Weekly Favourites, Fall in Blue

Last week, I started with the first Weekly Favourites. Hope you liked it, as here is the next one. At least we had a lot of fun, making these pictures together, loving their smiles and interaction together!

In this weeks, you see my favourite Blue items this season. Especially for the boys, I’m a big fan of prints, prints and prints… and I’m also slowly starting to see that the boys are getting some interest in what they are wearing.. so I started to name the clothing according to what’s on the print and suddenly they just want to wear it.

For Luuk I picked one of the new prints from Raspberry Republic , a Polish brand that’s offering fun and colourful prints and combined with jeans and sneakers a perfect outfit to play and have fun with!


Next, our little, skirt loving princess. She is wearing a blue basic tutu from Zara Kids, combined with the best leopard print longsleeve, it’s a very comfortable rib material with stretch from Maed for mini . Julia herself was most happy with the two little breads in her hair and the little curls they made after sleeping with them…. whilst I actually prefer the topknot.. but hey you have to compromise with little 5 year olds right?


And for Finn, I picked the mini rodini cheer cats grandpa shirt in blue from mini rodini combined with a short jeans and sneakers as well. Just loving the colour blue on my blonde little ones! Oh and have a close look on this picture below, see the little boy in the shades, loving it!


Liking this Weekly Favourites, next one will follow in exactly one week! Or just follow me on Instagram and you’ll see the next one come by!

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