Weekly favourites, winter coats

It’a the first day of the new year, and the coldest part of winter is yet to come, so it’s hard to believe first spring/summer collections are arriving to stores this month already!

So, let’s talk about winter coats and the ones I picked for us. Lucky you, you should still be able to find them in a good sale deal!

For Julia, I completely felt in love with this teddy coat from Repose AMS , I knew this was going to be one of the seasons favourites, so already bought it in July, crazy right?!? I’m a big fan of this Dutch sustainable brand with always the softest textures, beautiful earth colours and the best fits.

For the boys, it was a more difficult search, but in the end if found these perfect parka’s from Ammehoela, I just recently discovered this brand, that’s has the best, almost retro prints, all hand painted by the designer, cool right?!?

The parka’s come in different colours, and I picked the green and yellow ones for the boys! They are comfy and warm!

What coats did you pick for your kids and why?!? Let me know!

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