Twin Styles; prints on top

Whoop, the first days that we could spend outside without coats on. We have been waiting for weeks for the rain to stop!

So, time for boys to put on their favourite prints, and here they are, picked by themselves in the morning!

Little Luuk’s favourite print is this one from Mingo Kids the longsleeve in fur print, or how he calls it, little stripes. Every single season, Mingo keeps on suprising me with the best colours and prints! Their longlasting and comfortabel items stay beautiful no matter how many stains, the quality remains amazing!

The fur print is combined with a jeans, I’ve said it in previous posts, all our jeans come from HEMA good value for money and super comfortable due to the stretch in these skinny fit jeans.

Finn’s fav print, at least for this morning is the whale off white long sleeve from Mini rodini that combines perfectly with the smoke blue legging from mingo. Just felt in love with these spring colours, what about you?

Every season we also have some mini rodini items in their wardrobes. The unique prints, sustainable fabrics make me ‘add them to chart’ over and over again!

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